24 bedrooms spread over 5 houses, 5 pools and 1 tennis court 
9 acres of gardens

Western modernity and Moroccan tradition


A beautiful oasis in olive groves

A family friendly oasis

London Evening Standard

A chic estate in the fabled Palmeraie oasis


Jnane Tamsna blends Meryanne Loum-Martin’s splendid interior design and Gary Martin’s serene nine-acre garden. Integrating 5 houses, 5 pools and a tennis court, this unique boutique hotel offers 24 individual rooms, private villa rentals and full exclusivity for events.


 Attracting a Boho crowd of artists and writers, Jnane Tamsna is done out in luxe ethnic style

Jnane is a world-class hotel who knows how to put on a party

Their cuisine takes you to seventh heaven

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